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About Ios
Ios could be named The island of Youth, but simultaneously is offered for interruptions in visitors of each age and economic Surface, provided that exists The suitable infrastructure and a lot of interesting capable they cover each requirement. Graphic Creeks embelish The coasts of island with The 365 Churches, The olives, The vines and The Splendid island atmosphere. The Tourist infrastructure Of island is Enough Good, after each year it assembles crowd of visitors. The local him call also "Νιό". The capital Or country is built in The Point that was found The ancient city. It constitutes a islander capital with White houses that unfold as The top of Hill, preened with belfries. Her Windmills and narrow small roads accomplish they maintain her picturesqueness. The old settlement however has been judged Preservable ensuring that he will remain simple and graphic, without no intervention. Even If The passed decades ios had "bad" Fame and assembled a lot of Young tourists that were delivered in marathons of drink, today The things have changed Enough. The tourism Of ios is more qualitative and The Young tourists is more retained with accent in The amusement and no in between them conflicts. Thus Ios, The island with The immense Golden Beaches, were discovered again by The Greek and foreigner tourists and became place Ideal and for pairs but also for familial interruptions.
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